Looking to track sessions of activities

What I’m trying to do

I am looking to do some tracking of going to the movies with friends, playing board games, and maybe other activities. I want to be able to see something like Games played this year and winner, last game played, and also just a year ago today, you played …

I have created notes for Movies and for Board Games to either link them too or create inside of.

Things I have tried

My initial thought is simply create a table with the needed info for each session in the appropriate note. I wasn’t sure about how to easily link them to my Daily Note and also create them.

I also considered creating session templates for each activity and creating a folder for each game to hold them in. I still wasn’t sure how to best structure the data.

Any suggestions on how to best structure the data to accomplish this. I am somewhat familiar with DataView so doing the collation I probably can figure out.