Looking for subscribing premium version but needs help on the following queries

I’m fine with the premium version of obsidian.


  1. I have 1,500 text files. each file size is 100kb. The overall size of files is 500MB
  2. I want to share my entire notebook with generic publich with search, split right, split down and all the nice features of Obsidian windows version in Web to be accessed by anyone in this world, however the user should NOT be able to edit or delete the content however he should be able to search, navigate, split as like a normal user does

Please kindly suggest which one suits best for this use case


For anyone visiting this thread: the question was also asked on Discord (Discord) and discussed at length; and now has its own thread: Discord.

Search improvements are planned for Publish (as mentioned at Obsidian Roadmap - Obsidian), tho they’re not yet being worked on.

I think it’s unlikely that Publish will support split right/down. If a visitor wants to see multiple notes at once they can easily open more windows of their web browser.

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