Looking for feedback on new tool to export Evernote to Obsidian including tag hierarchy (ExportNote)

I just released an update to my ExportNote Mac App for exporting from Evernote, to include adding Evernote tags to the markdown front matter, so your Evernote tag hierarchy is imported to Obsidian along with your notes.

I’m looking for feedback on what I can do to make it better. Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop adding support for putting all the Evernote note attributes in the front matter (lat, lon, subject, etc.) if they are set.

Info on how to use it as well as a video demo

All feedback very very welcome. It is a free app, with an in-app purchase if you want to export more than 1000 notes.

I’ve a Windows version too, but I’ve not yet updated it to put tags in the front matter.

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