Looking for an example .gitignore file

tl;dr Is there a standard .gitignore file for Obsidian being used collaberatively with Git?

We are using obsidian collaboratively to document our software development process. Developer docs.

We use Git as our tool to coordinate our efforts generally.

I am playing “whack’a’mole” with my .gitignore.

What we need is o know which obsidian files related ot content and which to presentation. So the content gets archived in Git, but not our personal configurations. (Theme, search history are two “moles I whacked”.

Is there an standard .gitignore for Obsidian?

I have seen this but it is very limited. (And wrong. Where it says .obsidian/workspaces.json it means: .obsidian/workspace.json).

Already I have:


What more might I need?

I don’t have an example .gitignore for you, but I would also add .obisidian/plugins and .obsididan/snippets to the .gitignore file to omit installed plugins and custom CSS snippets from Git.

The downside of adding .obisidian/plugins could be that if the content of the vault needs a plugin, for example if it contains Dataview, that each contributor would need to install that plugin separately to be able to view that content. The upside, however, is that the rest of everyone’s installed plugins do not get shared to Git.

I posted some things that I ignore when syncing to another vault. I imagine that might be very similar when sharing vaults with other people. Global Settings - #62 by obsequious

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