Looking for a solution to access notes with a single click from tags

Hello Obsidian community!

I hope everybody is fine. I find myself looking for a solution or plugin that allows me to access the notes associated with a specific tag with a single click. Currently, when I click on a tag, it shows me all the notes associated with that tag, but I would like to be able to directly access the note (especially when there is only one note associated with that tag) without having to additionally click on the toolbar. search.

I’ve searched the forum and the plugin repository, but I haven’t found something that fits exactly what I need. Does anyone know if there is a solution or script that can help me with this? Or, if anyone has the skill and is interested in developing this functionality, I would really appreciate it!

I appreciate in advance any help or guidance you can give me. Obsidian is an amazing tool and this community has always been very collaborative and helpful.

Thanks and greetings to all!

The reason behind wanting a #tag to link to a specific note in Obsidian lies in the custom structure and organization of the user’s Zettelkasten system. In this system, many tags are closely associated with a parent note that acts as a sort of “root note” or “reference note” for that particular topic. By clicking on the tag, the idea is to be able to directly access that root note without having to go through a list of all the notes that share that tag.

It is true that tags typically group multiple notes under a common theme, but in this specific case, the desired functionality is a customized adaptation to optimize the user’s workflow and navigation within the Zettelkasten system. Using a direct link is an option, but the idea is to take advantage of the existing tagging structure for this specific purpose and improve navigation efficiency.

The Tag Wrangler plugin lets you create a TAG PAGE for any tag, and then you can open that tag page by alt-clicking on the tag in the sidebar.

I don’t know the advantages of that tag page, I see it as a page that can make connections with other tags, it’s not what I need.

I found a solution and it is by downloading the Tag folder plugin that can create a folder with all the tags and from there enter with one click

One question, is there a way to create a kind of page that is like a mirror of the tags panel to get a broader view of it and from there also quickly enter any tag?

I’ve but used tag pages, but it do seem to possibly solve your problem.

It allows for a random page to be opened when alt-clicking the tag, and the quick switcher will show that page when searching for your tag, and I reckon normal clicking will give you the normal response.

The only downside, as far as I can see, is that you need to remember to alt-click to get this page. Don’t know if it’s possible to override/ switch this around, so that you could alt-click to get the ordinary tag search. But other than this the tag pages do seem to address your needs.

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