Looking for a plugin to quickly drag/drop a text snippet from side bar

What I’m trying to do

I am looking for a plugin that can save a “text snippet” with a short name (title), and that text snippet can be quickly dragged/dropped from the right sidebar to the note. Anything similar to this would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Things I have tried

Looked through the Community plugins and googled but could not find anything. Maybe I am using the wrong keywords to search.

I present some alternative workflow:

  1. extract selection to new note using Note composer core plugin
  2. save your new note to your template folder using some prefix like .text-snippet-
  3. Use Templates core plugin to add your saved text snippet by pressing Insert template button from the left ribbon
  4. write .text in the insert template modal to filter the view and see your text snippets

The advantage of using Insert template modal is that (1) you get filtered text search to easily find the right text snippet and (2) less cluttered main editing view.

You want to manage your text snippets as new notes to easily rename title or modify content. There might be some plugins to auto-insert note’s content from drag&drop, but the advantage of this is limited by your editing view since (1) the view itself has physical limits and (2) your editing view may contain other useful things such as bookmarks, files, properties view.

That’s a good suggestion, but it doesn’t work on Canvas cards.

You could drag a note into the sidebar and copy snippets to and from it. (Doesn’t work on mobile unfortunately — altho it may be possible to get a note into the sidebar on mobile since they occasionally end up there accidentally.)

Nice, I did not know that notes could be pinned to the sidebar. This solution works for me, thanks.

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