Look and feel of Three dot menu for a file in Mac

What I’m trying to do

I am on obsidian with minimal theme. I am simply clicking on three dot menu of a file in Mac OS 14.0 (M2 Macbook Air). But the menu appearing is not matching the theme of obsidian. Rather it is a native look and feel of the menu. Pl see the screenshot below.

I checked in windows. There the menu matches the theme of obsidian with the icons. Here in Mac - even the icons are missing in the menu as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Things I have tried

I tried switching to default theme but still it is the same.

Any idea - if I am missing some settings?


I believe this was taken care of by SlRvb on Discord:

disable the Native Menus toggle in settings under Appearance?

Yes. And sorry for late reply here. I am not very active in the community.

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