Longform plugin issues - maybe related to sync?

Things I have tried

Installed and used the Longform plugin on Mac and iOS.

What I’m trying to do

I began using the Longform plugin on my Mac for a large-scale writing project. It’s great, and just what I need. I then installed it on my iOS and it also worked. Then the items under both “drafts” and “scenes” began to drift out of the order I had set them in. It would happen when I wasn’t looking - I’d come back to the project on either device and find the items out of order when viewing them in the Longform view. After experimenting, I have still not been able to identify what action triggers this. I am wondering if it is related to using the plugin on two devices. It appears to sync between them, but maybe the sync is throwing something off in the ordering — which is exactly the feature I most need, the ability to manually reorder the notes.

I am using Obsidian Sync.

Thanks for any help! If anyone knows how to contact the plugin’s creator, Kevin Barrett, that would be great too.


Same thing happening to me between two MacBook Pros. I will arrange the scenes (21) in the correct hierarchy, close the vault, close Obsidian, log out of the machine. When I go to the other computer in the morning, I wait for my repository to sync, open Obsidian, open the vault, and the scenes are not the way I left them. The hierarchy is gone and some of the scenes added the previous day are awaiting adding.

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