Long note unexpectedly scrolls all the way to the bottom on single arrow down (after 1.2 update)

I have a very long journal document (about 120,000 characters) that was behaving perfectly before the new 1.2 release. Now when I’m in it, and I try to move the cursor down a single line using the down arrow key, the cursor jumps all the way down to almost the bottom of the document. This only happens on this one document, and only happens with the down arrow key. I can use the mouse to move the cursor wherever I want, but the same unexpected ‘jump’ happens with that single down arrow key press…

Could be 1.2, could be a plugin.

Please follow the bug report template and try these steps.


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Thanks - yes, my installer is now the latest version, and the bug still happened. But then … I restricted all Community Plugins… and hey presto, no bug. Can I ask - what’s the best way of isolating the one which is making it play up? Is it a question of sequentially going through all 40-odd, or is there a shortcut? Thanks

Thanks for checking! Bisect them: turn 20 off, see what happens. If all is OK with that group, try the other 20. And so on. You get it.

Or use divide and conquer :laughing:

Please let us know when you find the culprit.



Turns out it was the plugin Toggle Meta YAML… and yet this note didn’t even have any Frontmatter involved in it!

I can live happily without this particular plugin enabled right now, but - sorry, a bit ignorant - what’s the best way of flagging this to the developer?

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If you go to the plugin in Settings > Community plugins, it should have a link to their GitHub page. That’s the place.

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