Login to Obsidian web site

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to log in to the obsidian webs site to pay for the catalyst tier, using the email and password I use here in the form

Things I have tried

I have tried asking for a password reset email but it does not arrive. I can see my email address is correct here in the forum preferences and I can successfully send email to that account from another email account

Am I missing something? is the Forum seperate and I need a different account for the Obsidian site login?

Thanks for any help

Antony Brennan

You can, of course, use the same email, but https://obsidian.md/ accounts (Catalyst, Sync, and Publish) and https://forum.obsidian.md accounts are separate. It’s a little confusing at first.

Yeah, if you haven’t previously, you’ll need to make an account at https://obsidian.md/

Thank so much

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