"Log" notes from daily notes to specific files

I’ve searched this forum and got pretty far with help from previous topics, but I’m at a deadend.

What I’m trying to do

I use Obsidian primarily for work, and I operate almost entirely out of my daily and weekly notes. That said, I have a file for every client, project, and meeting - these notes work as ways to store important information, and they have specific templates. The problem is with my workflow I’d rather not switch between files every time I need to jot something down. I would like to have a Log section in my daily note where I can jot down notes about anything, and those log entries appear in the appropriate note. For instance, if I log a note in my daily note: “Client 1: needs project done by Monday”, Client 1’s note should display that log entry.

Things I have tried

I have a decent prototype of this, but I’ve hit a dead end. Throughout the week I log ideas I have in my Weekly note using an Idea property- like this: “Idea:: this is an idea”. Then, in my weekly notes template I’m using dataview to return a table of all idea properties from the previous week. The issue I ran into is that a property can’t also be a link, I guess. So if I leave a log entry like this: “[[Client 1]]:: this is a log entry” it breaks my dataview query. If I remove the brackets I still run into the issue that properties can’t have spaces either. The only way I can think to make this work is to restructure my file naming convention entirely, which I’m just not sure is worth my time. Any idea how to solve this? I’m open to workarounds or alternative solutions. Thanks!

What is your current dataview query?

Split it into 2 properties: client:: [[Some Client]] and entry:: some entry.

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