Locked out of Account by 2FA

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to log in to my account online. I am able to enter my username and password but can’t get past the 2FA as I am not receiving any codes. I believe I set up 2FA several months ago but don’t remember which authenticator app I used.

Things I have tried

I checked multiple authenticator apps but cannot find the codes. I have tried resetting my password but I am still stuck at the 2FA.

I searched the forums and help docs for “2FA” and “locked account”. I saw a feature request to fix this problem. I also saw help request for the same issue, but the user was able to resolve the problem with their known authenticator.

How to I get back into my account? I need to be able to manage my sync subscription.

Please email [email protected]

Unfortunately, no one on the forum can help with this.

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