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Hello, im very new to this community so to Obsidian and I think is great.

Use case or problem

I see 2 case scenarios:

1- Sale courses: Be able to lock a vault from editing would be great for selling courses containing text, videos, audio, images all of some of them. I see no problem when using the publish services, the only think is add a layer of security for media files.

2- For schools be able to distribute learning material via vault i think is more vaulable than just send documents like pdf, word, etc… via email or using any learning platform such Google or Microsoft to distribute them. It will enrich the learning experience using a vault where students can read in a more structured way avoiding opening many files and also ve able to listen audio and/or see videos. So avoiding editing will eliminate students to erease information by accident.

I really dont know how to implement it nor I know if is something in the roadmap.

Thank you

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I wouldn’t need this feature (yet…) but I just had the idea that a simple solution would be to change the privileges of the respective files. I tried that but realized that this somehow prevents obsidian from functioning properly: it first results in an error message popping up each time you try to switch between edit and preview mode or if obsidian tries to autosave; you are, however, still able to switch to another note; however, when returning to your original note, this results - strange enough - in an empty file.

I see. I thin it could be a good feature.

Right now you can use the publish services but for free content show right? I mean, there is no way to protect the information and just allow certain user to see and interact.

We will see what the future is.

Publish has password protection, so you could restrict access to the published vault with that.