Localized names of week days -> disconnected with configuration

Before version 0.9.22 Plugins like Calendar or Natural Languages Dates use always
English version of days: Monday, Friday.

I have set the language of Obsidian to English. My Windows 10 has Polish Localisation.

Begining from Obsidian 0.9.22 I have got Polish names o week days (Poniedziałek, Piątek)

Now the Calendar plugin does not show me my previous notes (which have got an English name) and all new ones are created using Polish language localization.

For me, the language in Obsidian should be determined by the option set in the configuration.

Both are third party plugins, contact the respective devs.
We’ll think about it too

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The mentioned plugins were not updated during the last days.
The only thing which changed was Obsidian. On version 0.9.20 was ok, on 0.9.22 not.
That’s why I think that it could be an issue of Obsidian

BTW. Is it possible to download past version of Obsidian and check if this issue exists?

This is issue was introduced by upgrading Obsidian to 0.9.22. No need to check. But since we are in the beta phase of API, the burden of making it work is on the third party dev.

Regardless, if something is broken in third-party plugins you should first reach out to them and then they, it something is broken in the core, they reach out to us.

We can’t provide support to users for something that is broken in third party plugins.

I contacted them, they’ll work on the issue.

In case people other people are experiencing this issue and find this post first:

This was an issue introduced by the Calendar plugin. It should be fixed now if you update the plugin to v1.4.4 and restart Obsidian.

It was a bug in Calendar Plugin.