Localization of the Callout Types

Things I have tried

I searched this forum and the Obsidian Help.

What I’m trying to do

Hello, I think the possibility to use callouts is great. Thank you for this new feature.
Since I write all my notes in German, it would be great if the callout types were also in German.
So I was wondering if there are any plans to localize the callout types.

If not, I would appreciate every help for a snippet that only changes the callout types, but leaves all other callout properties untouched.

Why don’t you use something like that?

>[!quote] Zitat
> Text des Zitates …


> [!note] Notiz
> text ...
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Hello @Hermann,

thanks for this hint. I can’t believe it is so easy :grinning:

Best regards

Hello @WhiteNoise,

thanks for this tip. But for me the help text doesn’t make clear, that a title replaces the name of the callout type. I should have just tried it. Sorry.

Best regards

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