Localised UI and English date format

Things I have tried

I use ‘YYYY-MM-DD_dddd’ for date format. And my language in ‘About’ setting is Japanese.

Announcement for v0.11.4 says:

The language you choose will now be applied to the locale of moment.js, which affects the language generated from your date formats.

After v0.11.4, in my main vault which was made earlier, day of the week generated from above format has not changed, that is English (i.e. 2021-04-08_Thursday).
When I made a second vault and the same setting as the main vault today, day of the week generated was Japanese (2021-04-08_木曜日).

What I’m trying to do

It is likey that the latter is intended behavior. But if possible, I want to keep using English date format and Japanese UI in my second vault.
I looked into config and daily-notes.json file in both vaults, but couldn’t find particular differences.

Can I use English date format in other language setting by some means?

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There isn’t an override built-in, but some plugins actually provide a global override for the date format. If you use the Calendar plugin for example, you can change the locale back to English explicitly in the plugin settings.

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Thank you for your help and plugin!
I figured out that in the first vault, I could keep using English date format thanks to the Calendar plugin.
(I completely forgot ‘override locale’ setting in the plugin.)
Installing the plugin to the second vault resolved the problem(though I don’t know if the difference of timezone matters)

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