Local storage and ai

Hi all . . This is my first post here in the community . . I’ve been looking for a decent note app since Notational Velocity was sundowned and have tried everything from Simplenote, to iA Writer, to Apple Notes (while spurning almost every other option). I discovered Obsidian in December and committed today by becoming a Supporter.

My first question was going to be about whether Publisher allowed for selective publishing from a single-vault. It looks like it does, so I look forward to investigating that soon.

So here’s the next question, the big draw of Obsidian (before I discovered everything it can do), was the local storage.

Pardon the random query, but has anyone had any luck running a locally hosted LLM off their Obsidian database?! For those committed to moving all of their human-centric writing based tasks into Obsidian, might that be a future pathway for those who don’t want to hand all their data to cloud-based platforms?

Yours in glass,

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Not sure what do you mean by:

LLM takes a vast amount of storage space for data, e.g 5TB, and require huge computing power, e.g. 2000 CPU.