Local Graph not 100% filtering out "-tag" queries

I have setup a filter in Obsidian 1.1.8 to show me everything that is two layers deep (Depth=2) from the existing note, and then to colour notes by a tag (People, DailyNote and MeetingNote). This works very well, but I noticed that there are a small number of MeetingNote notes which aren’t coloured according to the colour I assigned in the Groups section of Local Graph setup.

There are times, however, that I want to filter out the MeetingNote notes so I can “zoom in” on other relationships I’m seeing between my notes. To do this, I add a query of “-tag:MeetingNote” in the search field of Local Graph settings. This filters out probably 99% of the MeetingNote notes, but I have noticed that there are some which remain (and also don’t match the colour I setup for the MeetingNote notes). As it turns out, this is the same set of MeetingNote notes which don’t get coloured according to what I mentioned above.

Given that all of my MeetingNote notes are automatically generated overnight by a script I wrote, I can guarantee that the front matter in the MeetingNote notes is the same. Because of this, I’m massively confused as to why this small number of notes don’t get set by the criteria I identified.

I’ve manually edited/recreated the relevant notes, but the same problem exists.

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Can you even though you’re convinced of this not being the case as they’re automatically generated, provide us with two notes, which shows this behavior? One being OK, and one being faulty? Are there any visible differences in these notes?

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