Local graph/link weirdness: links in frontmatter being strangely split (see screenshots

I’m building a dictionary for interesting words (to me).

Now that I have a bunch in my vault, I’ve started linking between them.

But now it seems that somehow the links aren’t being processed (?) correctly:

Lemma: et al.
Definition: And others; to complete a list, especially of persons, as authors of a published work.
Etymology: From Latin, abbreviation of *et aliī* (and others, in English also as *et alii*) and its forms and derivates. See also [[alius]] and [[inter alia]]
Language: Latin English
Added: 2023-08-20

I only noticed something was off when I had a look at the local graph:

Somehow the link here is being split and the middle ]] and [[ aren’t being read.

I’ve tried using the frontmatter links plugin and added "marks around the links, which makes them clickable, and they link to the correct note. But the graph still shows the same thing (plus the middle quotation marks)

This is confusing :confused:

Any ideas?

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