Loading different MathJax configurations and switch them from file to file

(I’m not sure what category this thread should fall into. Sorry if here is not the proper place for it)

Hi, I’m a plugin dev and I’ve recently found out how to load multiple MathJax instances with different configurations and switch them from file to file.

So I want to ask what kind of custom configuration you want to have.
What I’ve come up with is switching preambles based on note paths. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. I just want to what kind of demand there is before working on it.


Math delimiters

One thing to note: you can’t change math delimiters, for example from $...$ to \(...\). This is because math delimiters are actually not governed by MathJax but they are handled by the markdown parser that Obsidian is relying on (maybe HyperMD).

MathJax Preamble Manager

Switching preambles from file to file is already partially possible with a plugin of mine called MathJax Preamble Manager. Basically I’m thinking of improving upon this plugin and allowing more flexible configurations than just preambles.