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Things I have tried

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What I’m trying to do


I’m trying to embed a dimensions.ai badge but it relies on an external javascript and nothing shows on the page except an empty span.

It should look like this:

Is there a way, with or without a plugin, to make this work ?

The suggested embed code is as follows:

<span class="__dimensions_badge_embed__" data-id="pub.1106021009"></span>
<script async src="https://badge.dimensions.ai/badge.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

NB: The script setup code could be anywhere in the page.

Have you tried using GitHub - ryanpcmcquen/obsidian-javascript-init: Run custom JavaScript in Obsidian. to do this? I’ve ZERO experience with that plugin, but if you dig around on the forum or Discord you might find someone versed in it!

Yes I’ve tried it but with no luck

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