Lizardman Zettlekasten theme

Things I have tried

Searched the forum

What I’m trying to do

Installing the Lizardmen Zettelkasten theme but the result is not what it should be.
Yellow text (instead of black in light mode of white in dark mode) in light mode this is on white background: not readable.
By hovering a link: content of links is not shown. No underlining to.
I like to use your theme though.

Could you have another css file installed? Or a third party plugin that alters the css.

I would try turning off any plugins that might effect a theme. You could always try installing Obsidian again.

As @Obsidandnancy said, I went ahead and created a brand new vault, followed by installing the theme. Seems to work fine. It could be a plugin interfering with it or you might have something in the CSS snippets folder that is interfering.

Before I re-install Obsidian again I would like to install the proper css file but I do not know how I have to do this. Some help should be nice. :pray:

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