Live View VS Reading Mode

I’m not sure if it’s a “Bug report” or a “feature request”, if it’s not a Bug report pls change it (@Moderator).

The new Live View in the editor is quite nice, but there are some really uncomfortable things / view issues.

  1. All links to external or internal sides look like normal links, like it should.
    But if you click in them to change the link text / target and so on, you instantly “click” on the link. Normally you can open links with CTRL left click in the editor mode.
    Maybe change this in the new live view editor mode.
    At the moment you have to left click “in front” of the link and move the cursor to see the source code to change it. This can be quiet uncomfortable.
    Maybe add an option in the settings menu for “live view instant open links with left click” on/off. On = it is like it is right now and Off = if you click on a link you see the source code, if you CTRL click the link you open the link.

  2. Some elements like

  3. list elements looks like list elements in the Live View mode, but it’s not “indend” (spaced to the left, like margin left) like it is in the Reading Mode View. This feels really inconsistent if you switch from editor mode to reading mode.
    The “Live View” Editor mode should exactly look like the “Reading Mode” to 100% but only if you click on the element you see the source code.
    Maybe it’s about my current theme I’m using? I use “Atom”.
    I will try it without a theme and let’s see.

  4. On the left side, you get the list of all enabled extensions.
    But you can’t move them (sort them) with drag and drop (mouse).
    The ONLY way to change the order of this extensions list is, to enable / disable those extensions.
    If you enable the extension it’s sorted at the bottom of the list.
    So you have to disable/enable a lot of extensions to sort them.
    Please implement a drag & drop feature to sort this left “Extension List”.

There are some other things I could list, but since I just started using Obsidian I need to learn all the “Methods” first before I can consider things as “good” or “improvable”.
So I don’t want to tell some features as not “good enough” since I should learn the program first.

Thank you for the awesome work, there’s a ton of potential in Obsidian!
I can see that, even that I didn’t really started with it.

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