Live recommender system that suggests similar/related notes while we edit notes

Hi, it would be awesome if Obsidian suggests related/similar notes while we’re editing a note. It’s similar to how this forum (and others like stackoverflow) suggests similar topics/questions while we’re drafting our question or note.

I don’t think any note-taking app has implemented something like what I’m suggesting? (correct me if I’m wrong?) This plugin/feature, together with backlinks, will make Obsidian super powerful at connecting notes and ideas.


It is implemented in Evernote. It’s named “Context”

This user made a plugin demo for Roam that had those traits.

I agree, having options to leverage our links (and the insights/data they provide) with novel interfaces, views, searches, suggestions, prompts, etc is awesome and can offer exciting options for users to bring into their workflows.

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DEVONthink does it very well.

There’s a similar request here. Can be merged.

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This is a must in Obsidian. It will be the missing link between Mentioned Links and a user search for a specific word.
I’m not a programmer but I’m thinking of counting recurring words and/or syntagms and show “Related notes” in a separate panel. And it must have the option for customization: ex: if a word appear 3 or 4 (user choice) time in a note pull up in related. This is in order to differentiate between simple mention of a concept and writing a little bit more about it, but not that extended as in a dedicated note.