Live Preview: Support Lists in Quote blocks

When using live-preview, lists in quote blocks are not rendered properly. There is an open ticket for this at

Use case or problem

When rendering quotes that have lists in them, the lists are not rendered with bullets, but are instead rendered raw.

Proposed solution

Enable rendering lists in quote blocks

Current workaround (optional)

Disabling live preview works to render the blocks appropriately.

Related feature requests (optional)



Use this code

> list in quote block
> - test
> - test
> > - test

Expected result

Actual result

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We can use callouts or admonitions to create lists inside (pseudo) quote blocks that will be properly rendered with live preview

But nevertheless, I agree with OP that the inability to create lists inside ordinary quote blocks is an issue, presents an actual problem in certain situations, and should be fixed whenever possible.

Yes please. I rarely use a callout header (e.g. > [!info]) and it seems that that’s what makes all my callouts look rubbish.

I often use callouts when I put the body of an email into a note and I never use a callout header in such cases.

I wish formatting in callouts worked the same whether or not there is a callout header.

The indentation of quote blocks is still inconsistent between real-time preview and reading mode