Live Preview shows incorrect number of collapse indicators

Once you’ve done the above, delete everything above this line.

Steps to reproduce
^there really are multiple collapse indicators in this example (a total of three, in fact)

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Expected result

This is explicitly an issue with the editor, it happens in both editing modes. If you enter Reading View, there will be only a single collapse indicator for this entire structure, and it will be at the start of the first 1. the first image, as part of the top-level list item, will remain visible even when that indicator is toggled; the second image, as part of the sublist, will be visible based on the toggle state

Actual result


Additional information

image and comments provided by @sailKite

what is the source of this file? please attach it.

湖南旅游 (199 Bytes)

not the same file, but if you hover over the image and the first level “1. 湖南省”, you will see that there are two collapsible indicators. The collapsible indicator next to the image shouldn’t exist, because the image is in the same paragraph as the first level “1. 湖南省”