Live Preview mode: Choose 'distance' from cursor when symbols are hid?

I only just switched over to Live Preview because I was waiting for a plugin to be updated :slight_smile:

Perhaps this is already a setting that I can’t find, but would it be possible to introduce a setting that lets me choose when the symbols for bold and italics, etc. are hid?

So if I’m typing, and I put in ** to makes something bold, Live Preview hides these symbols as soon as I exit them.
I find this difficult because if I highlight something or click back into the bold text, it toggles back to showing the symbols. If I have a lot of symbols and I go back and forth in that text it switches back and forth constantly, meaning that the symbols frequently appear and disappear, making it confusing to work with a text that keeps moving.

Is there a way to have it so it would only hide these symbols once I exit that whole paragraph?

If this is already a thing, I couldn’t find anything on it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think this would make Live Preview quite a bit more pleasant (at least as an option — I can understand someone preferring the current way).

I agree :slight_smile: