Live preview in the browser

I wanted to have a markdown file opened in a browser (I keep some bookmarks in md files), thing is if you open md file in a browser:
it’s rendered in edit mode not in preview
the links aren’t clickable,
if you make any changes you will have to manually reload tab each time

But this extension will solve those problems:

Install it and then:
Click on extension icon in menubar

Click content tab and select autoreload (and other options if you want to)

Click advanced options - it will open new tab and there click allow access to file:// URLS it will again open new tab with this time with extension options and here check Allow access to file URLs

Now open md file in your browser (just drag and drop on tabbar)

Now links are clickable and if you make any changes (using obsidian or any other app) in any md that is opened in the browser it will be automatically updated.

Here’s how it looks in browser

How does it deal with links without “file://” prefix? (both markdown []() and wiki [[]] style). And embeds/transclusions?