Live preview in backlinks, improvements to how they are displayed

Not backlinks and outline. The backlinks pane and the backlinks in document are the same thing. This post was about backlinks I don’t know there the outline came from.

Edit: it came from my wrong link.

Anyway, i think it’s better you unpack your request into multiple FRs.

Ahhhh ok the wrong link now makes sense :wink:

I really agree with this - it would make the backlinks not just aesthetically more pleasing, but -importantly!- more useful. And I do think that this collection of useful features of backlinks should not be broken up as the interplay between them is what would make backlinks more useful.

The toggle to see more context is nice, but highly impractical for skimming a list of backlinks while figuring out which is the one one wants.

I would also add another feature:

  • drag and drop as embed. It would be extremely helpful to be able to drag relevant blocks up to the page (eg cmd-drag) to create and embed of that block in the main page.


  • filtering (eg. backlink to this page but don’t show if it also has tag X)

Agree with Kabo on filtering of backlinks. Super helpful.

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Okay i’d be willing to split the topic… Question is I think some of the replies here are quite insightful, would you merge them to the corresponding threads? Also, I see the aesthetic of the backlinks as a “whole”, like it kinda comes together in a package.

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Filtering backlinks… doesn’t the search box do that? Or is there something else you mean by that?

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But the search in backlinks searches the whole linked page. And you want it so search only the section, line, paragraph the link is found. It least I want that most of the time. Specially with longer pages the current behaviour can be troublesome.


It would be nice to be able to click check boxes in the backlinks and queries.


Bumping this again because

is just really ugly and not humanly legible… It’s just not a pleasant experience.

I’m just sad that it’s been 8 months and no news of this being fixed :frowning:

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I believe the dev are prioritising what get built into the core n what can be tackled via plugin. That said, there’s a plugin for such feature, see link below

The moment we have a user-friendly, proper Live Preview, I will drop Roam / Logseq. Obsidian is fundamentally easier for writing.

How do we use this for Live Preview? It does not seem obvious.

not 100% sure i get what u mean, but hopefully this help

how to install & enable

  • install OBSIDIAN42 - BRAT plugin from Community plugins
  • install Obsidian Query Control plugin via BRAT (Ctrl/Cmd P > Obsidian42 BRAT: Add a beta plugin for testing > enter “nothingislost/obsidian-query-control”)
  • enable the plugin in Community plugins

how to use it

  • open Query Control plugin settings
  • enable the feature u prefer. here’s what i select.
    • image
  • your backlink should have it rendered per ur settings

Thank you! This helps

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Yes, thank you for this explanation. Now I am just looking for a way to make the formatted text in the linked references a little bit smaller. I guess this can be done with CSS but I am never ever able to see which classs to change.

Anybody did this already?

you can use this snippet

# to adjust backlink title font size
.embedded-backlinks {
    font-size: 0.9em;
# to adjust backlink content font size
.embedded-backlinks .markdown-preview-view {
    font-size: 0.9em;

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I am going to close this thread. There’s too much beef in it to be actionable. Please follow/open the specific FR for each point.

I specifically suggest top open one asking for LP in backlinks and nothing else.
There is already a FR for reader-rendering of backlinks