Live Preview: edit table cell by cell

As of Obsidian 0.14.1, Obsidian supports tables rendering in Live Preview. Editing the table transforms the whole table to its source markdown format.

It would be nice to have a WYSWYG editor that works on a cell by cell basis.

Plugins that currently facilitate table input:


I am looking at the Markdown-table editor plugin, but it does not see links from the vault for example. But is close to editing cell by cell.


+1 for this. I too would appreciate a Live Preview table editor, I personally dislike how source mode table editing goes off screen for large/long tables, which forces me to use horizontal scrolling.


+1 for this as well. I usually put long paragraphs and even images inside tables, and both the previous and current table functionality make it difficult and wonky to work with (i.e., have to do horizontal scrolling as @Ruq said when the rows are long, and sometimes the tables don’t render at all in live preview when working with images).

I’d imagine a built-in WYSIWYG table editor (perhaps similar to the one that Panda (Bear alpha) has) would make this process much smoother.