Live Preview does not render accents and special characters

Special characters are not rendered in Live Preview. This happens with Obsidian’s default theme as well. Such characters are very common in Spanish, French, Italian, etc.

For instance, in the image below three words (“Fundamentación”, “teórica”, “España”) were written but are not rendered in Live Preview.

This is happening in Obsidian v0.13.10 on macOS 12.1.

works fine for me. Is it possible that you are using some keyboard layout with dead keys or some text expander?

How do you actually write that word? Post a screen recording in the help vault.

Spanish keyboard layouts have dead keys. For instance, to type the above “ó”, one would press the diacritic mark key (´), release it and press the base “o” afterwards. Both circled in green in the image below.

But no previous dead key is pressed to type “ñ”, as it has its own key. Circled in red in the image.

I use the wireless Logitech keyboard with Spanish layout in this image.

What is the “help vault”?

The Help Vault is the built-in vault that opens up when you hit F1, or run the command “Open Help”. It has a bunch of help topics.

And more importantly it’s a vault that resets itself to default values and a clean configuration every time, so you can test things without any plugins or CSS interfering.

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I can´t reproduce your problem. works fine for me on windows with spanish layout. Dead keys work.

we are unable to reproduce this problem. It’s something related to your specific setup/computer.

Hi jmm,

This could be an issue with the font(s) in use by your theme. I write a little bit in Spanish and one of the themes I used did not render some of the Spanish characters correctly. I believe it’s simply an issue of some fonts not having these particular characters in their “alphabet set” (don’t know if that’s the correct technical term).

I’ve only had this issue with one font, which was used for headers for the Shimmering Focus theme, as it so happens. So I googled something like “fonts like Optima” and ended up using Severn Sans Serif as the header font for that theme, instead. Solved the issue for me.

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I have an issue with diacritical fonts as well, those with an underscore above such as: ā and à and so on. I there specific fonts I should use, so far I have not found one that renders properly with Obsidian ( v 0.13.14).