Live Preview: Add Support for tables (Render Tables as per "reading" view)

I believe Typora is the perfect example/reference for this:


Yes, typora had this feature for many years. I wonder why it hasn’t come out for obsidian since it also had released so many versions.


I can’t agree with you anymore.

+1 here

Yeah, typora like table will be well better for table !
But I think the parser have a lot of problem with table for the moment


I was expecting that it would come automatically with the Live Preview, because on the roadmap it was saying it was going to be a WYSIWYG editor like Typora: Trello

In my opinion having the Live Preview without rendering tables as in Reading Mode feels unfinished.


Any developer reply to this question? Or at least give us some new or plan about it!!

Could we get any feedback on this by a moderator or developer? Is this on the list or not at all?

It will happen someday. We never provide ETAs and the work on this is not scheduled to begin in the short term. Sorry!


As a stop gap, could you render the markdown for tables in a monospace font?

another especially useful feature of Typora’s implementation is that you can have line breaks within cells (with <br> tags). I’d really love to see Obsidian match that ease and flexibility of live editing of well formatted tables. Thanks for all the great work!


I don’t understand why not put table live preview in a high priority. Because of the unimportance of table live preview or because of huge technical challenges?


This feature is very important!


This feature is very important!


I don’t have much constructive to say other than I would be pleased to see this feature. And in case it’s difficult to add, @stevewrightuk 's suggestion to set the tables in a monospace font in the meantime, would satisfy most of my needs. For me, the main problem with the interface at the moment, is that the code for tables look all jumpy and disordered, because each glyph doesn’t take up the same space. It’s difficult to read the table, simply.


Aren’t tables already in a monospace font in the default theme?


Looking at it again, you’re absolute right. It is already a monospaced font. I must have remembered it differently, because I was so focused on the glyphs not ligning up properly (as they usually do with a mono font). I wonder why the layout gets skewed at times …

It is horrible to edit tables in Obsidain especially when they contain images


Use case or problem

Tables are a great way to visually organize sets of data! I am currently using them to track info of supplements I take:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that good in Source or Live Preview mode:



I tried to look for ways to solve this through CSS for my theme, but unfortunately, I’ve got nothing. My biggest problem is that it doesn’t wrap lines of a cell. :pensive:

Proposed solution


Or even better, consider Notion’s implementation:

Current workaround (optional)

I set this table up using Typora and they have an okay implementation of a simple table. It does reduce a seamless experience with Obsidian though :< Like, I had to download Typora, but only end up using this table feature. :< I’d prefer to have everything in Obsidian!

Related feature requests (optional)

Table Editor (proposed solution was Advanced Tables)
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100% agree. I am currently in the process of migrating everything from Google Docs. I lose some formatting, fonts, & such, which I have accepted as the cost of this transition.

But I need to have tables. So I have to go into every single file (over 800 of them) and manually fix any tables by hand. That would be fine, but tables are a serious pain to try to build out. The nightmarish mess that is a copy & pasted table is seriously slowing down my migration.

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