Live Preview: Add support for inline footnotes

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It would be really great to have live preview display inline footnotes. I think this is really crucial for academic writing with Obsidian. Using numbered footnotes is not really feasible, since one cannot easily copy/paste parts of the text containing footnotes to other notes (because the actual footnote is on the bottom and one would need to copy that manually). So there is no real alternative (that I know of) for using inline footnotes. However, because they are not displayed as footnotes in live preview, any text looks really cluttered.


The possibilities with this…

Footnotes are severely underrated. But only because they are incomplete buggy feature.


I am posting to reactivate this feature request! Having the same issue (i.e. inline-footnotes disrupting text in live-preview) for quite some time now, I have used the snippets presented in the thread quite successfully. With the newest update (v.1.6.3), Obsidian changed a lot for footnotes. I hope, that maybe (just maybe :smiley:) the original idea of this feature request could happen now? Maybe someone who knows this stuff is willing to look at it again! :slight_smile: :pray:


+1 on this

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This aspect (needing a space before the footnote) has been fixed with the latest feature update!!


You are right, for some reason my snippet did not work properly. I now readjusted it. I am using @james1294 snippet now, and it works very well. The only issue I have now is, that it does not work together with my pandoc citations (using the Pandoc Reference List). I have to decide a) either to have a nice looking footnote in live-preview or b) having my pandoc citations converted to formatted inline citations in live-preview. Both does not work for me. It’s not a big issue, though, so thank all of you for your nice work! :slight_smile: