Lists: make HOME move the cursor after the list marker

In lists, make HOME move the cursor at the beginning of a line AFTER the list marker
- |aa bb
instead of
|- aa bb


I find it also frustrating that the home key returns to the start of the whole line while inside a list item.


β€œ- list item 1 |”
pretend the pipe is my cursor. If I press Home key, the cursor returns to the start of the line:
β€œ|- list item 1”

What I would really like is that when the Home key is pressed it would return to the start of the list item:
β€œ- |list item 1”

From there, backspacing deletes the list item flag "- " and again would start erasing any tab spacing from there. Really though the key point is that Home key should go to the start of a list item similar to what you’re talking about with screen-line and logical line.

Hopefully we can get this considered!

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Agreed. I’d also like to be able to hit HOME (or some mappable hotkey) to have the edit cursor go to the beginning of the text AFTER the bullet point hyphen, even when the line is indented one or more levels. Thanks, dev team, for considering this!

The Outliner plugin provides this functionality.

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will be implemented in v0.16

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