Listing specific property values of notes linked to this note with dataview

What I’m trying to do

Yet another dataview question. I have notes on research papers which have two properties called “Field” and “research direction”. They list the field and the specific questions that are being solved in the field, and are links to notes that not necessarily exist yet. What I want to do is list the research directions when I make a note of the “Field” property, without having to create the research direction notes themselves.

As an example:
Note 1

Field: [[Field A]]
Research direction: [[expand A]], [[Expand Bb]]

And in the overview note of Field A, I want to list the research direction properties using dataview. As there will be multiple notes with the same research directions there shouldn’t be duplication.

Field A

research directions

  • [[expand A]]
  • [[expand Bb]]

Things I have tried

I looked in the dataview docs and understand how I can display notes with a specific property value, or notes linked to current note etcetera, but not how to then display the values of a different property.

It’s also possible that there is a better way of doing this that I am not seeing because creating a dataview list does not make links between [[expand A]] and [[Field A]] of course. If you have a better idea of solving this, please let me know. The overall goal is to be able to open the note of field A and see which research directions are being taken by the field, prompting me to think about how to solve those.


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