Listing dates like tags

The main thing that prevents me from giving Obsidian a full thumbs up is that it doesnt allow me to work with dates that well. Let me explain what I’d like to do:

I’d like to be able to add dates with a @ symbol, i.e. when I type @, I should see a datepicker ( or date-time-picker). I’d write my date or choose it from the picker, and just like how the tags are listed on the sidepane, I’d have a list of dates there as well.

This clearly looks like a plugin idea, but I’ve gone through Obsidian’s and CodeMirror’s documentation, and I couldn’t find how to attach custom classes (i.e. after typing the @, I’d like the date to atleast be formatted differently).

Is there any existing plugin on this? I’d love for some help. Thanks!


+1 on this. No strong opinion on the syntax, but dates as a first class concept with search features built around them would be so useful.


Sorry for reviving this topic, but +1 on this. Is there any news on that topic?

It would be so great to have a dedicated workflow for handling dates.

I’m looking for a calendar showing all dates mentioned in notes. For example:

  • Birthday of a friend mentioned in a note with various information of that friend
  • Date of a concert listed in a note with setlist etc.
  • Date of future events I’m planning

There is so much potential in this topic, that I can’t believe that there is no solution (in the making) for this yet? Is a string really the best way to write dates? Even the calendar apps are not picking this up? Am I missing something?

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You can get thia functionality via the plugins Templater & Jump-to-Date.

Jump-to-Date adds a button on your side bar (also available via command, and therefore Hotkey if you have Hotkeys++), where it opens a calendar box. This lets you navigate to & click on a date, which opens the daily note for that date. If it does not already exit, it will create it with the correct template.

Hitting F4, or whatever, isn’t typing an @, but it is actually one less button to click.

To make date files visually distinct, you can use the plugins Supercharged Links, as well as Style Settings.

It’ll take a bit of set up, but is 100% doable with existing plugins.

maybe i’m missing something but this should be easily accomplished with natural language dates. activate the date autosuggest and dates as links and you can insert a link with “@” and see it as an outgoing link in the sidebar.