Listed and counted tags from one folder

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Hi, i’m a Obsidian-noob but i’m have the will to learn… :wink:

I have tasks in a folder called “Zimmer” and in the root directory i have a file called “ToDo’s”.
In “ToDo’s” there should be a summery of the tasks from “Zimmer” and a List or Tablet with all the tags from “Zimmer” including there counts.

I have things to buy in my tasklist and marked it with a “#” and now i want a summery with it’s counts to get like a “shoppinglist”.

In the first step i have done a task-list with dataview, but i could not get the tags done.

Please can you guide me to the solution?

Is it possible to get the “tag-panel” into a note?

TABLE length(rows) as Stück
FROM "Zimmer"
FLATTEN file.etags as Besorgen
GROUP BY Besorgen
SORT length(rows) desc

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