List property elements

What I’m trying to do

Hello everyone, I am trying to evaluate the data that I have written in the properties.
I have two examples for this:

  1. for the school I have a property called “subjects”, here I would like to create a list with all subjects that are listed for the one subject.
    | File | Topics |

  2. i would like to evaluate my lunch, which i write down every day in the property “Lunch”, e.g. via the plugin Tracker.

Things I have tried

I am not a programmer/coder, so my skills are very limited.
I have already tried to find the right instructions via youtube tutorials and the github pages of Dataview and Database, but nothing worked.
An example would be the following:

table Lunch as "Lunch"
from "diary/daily"
where Lunch!= ""
sort desc

For # 2, try:

table Lunch as "Lunch"
from "diary/daily"
where Lunch
sort desc

For # 1, it would be similar. Make sure the from field is a folder containing the notes.

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