List pages with no tasks to do

What I’m trying to do


I’m trying to get a querry that gives me all pages that don’t have any tasks to do. That’s because I need to know wich project isn’t moving, so I can plan it.

Things I have tried

So i’ve tried this:

FROM #projects
WHERE status = "active"
WHERE length(file.tasks) = 0

But this of course only gives me the projects that doesn’t have tasks at all, so it excludes projects that contains tasks already done. I’ve tried to to filter by only by completed tasks (something like ‘WHERE length(file.tasks.completed) = 0’), but it also didn’t work.

I also tried to do something with DataviewJS, but couldn’t get anywhere. I couldn’t find anything similiar anywhere. I appreciate if anyone has any idea! Thanks!


This query checks only notes with tasks:

FROM #projects
WHERE file.tasks
WHERE all(file.tasks.fullyCompleted)

If you don’t use subtasks, then you can replace fullyCompleted by completed. But, by secure, use fullyCompleted by default.

If you want a list of notes without tasks OR with all tasks completed, then use this:

FROM #projects
WHERE all(file.tasks.fullyCompleted) OR length(file.tasks) = 0

Thanks a lot!

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