List of Starred Notes Using Inline JS

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Hi, I am trying to list my starred notes from my vault using dataview inline js. Unfortunately, I am not able to do it as my js knowledge is limited. Hope to get some help.

Using DataView as an example of what I am trying to achieve. Code below:

	file.starred as "Star"
where file.starred=true

I am trying to use inline js to display the same result. I tried the code below but result is not correct as it listed all notes. I am not able to filter just the starred=true notes only.


Have you tried normal Dataview search:

Where file.starred


Try doing this:

`$= dv.list(dv.pages(’’).where(s => s.file.starred==true).file.starred)`
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I think you want to end with ‘’ and not ‘file.starred’



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Thanks. It works :grinning:

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