List of notes created on a specific day, to be inserted into a daily note

Not sure if this is a feature or plugin request but I think it is closer to expect a plugin to do this:

  • List notes created on a day
  • insert links of these notes into a daily note (preferably under a selected level of heading)

Any thoughts?

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A current workaround is putting a link to the current date (as a variable) in a template. All notes you made in a day (as long as you used the template) will appear in the linked references pane in your daily note.


The Daily Activity plugin?

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Very close but not quite: This still needs me to remember to insert the daily activity into the daily note. What I want is the daily note to automatically record all notes created that day.

You can just add [[{{date}}]] to your template. The {{date}} will turn into the current date when you use the template and the [[]] will make it a link.

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Ah, so you need links inside the daily note and not just a list of notes connected to the day in the backlink panel on the side.

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Because (in my practice) a Daily Note is usually the center of any day’s work. It’s not the most important note but is the starting & ending point for the sake of my workflow.