List of files linked to a file in any depth

What I’m trying to do

Hey, im trying to get a List with dataview of all the Notes that link to the notes that link to a file. It is like the lokal graph in depth=2. Idealy, i would like to do that in any depht.

Things I have tried

I am quite new to Dataview (and absolutely not familiar with dataviewjs) and have thought about some algrothmic solutions without any good idea about implementation. My first Idea was to find a usefull coding in the FROM statement. That would be the easiest option. But i cant connect the [] fuction in series.

The most naive solution (showing only backlinks) might look something like this:

// dataviewjs
const depth = 2;

function getBacklinkedNotes(page) {
	const backlinks = page.file.inlinks;
	const backlinkedNotes = =>;
	return backlinkedNotes.array();

const result = {0: [dv.current()]};

for (let d = 1; d <= depth; d++) {
	result[d] = [].concat(...result[d - 1].map(getBacklinkedNotes));
	dv.header(1, `Depth ${d}`);
	dv.list(result[d].map(page =>;

Ok, nice thank you so much. I needed some time understanding the codeblock, but it works. Now i tried to manipulate it for my specific means and failed again. Thats why i share my total goal, not just the implementing one, maybe someone has like a very simple answer.

To be very precise in what i want, maybe, you can help me to understand how i can implement it:

  1. I want to select all Files links to present note with the tag ‘konzept’ and let them shown in a table
  2. This table schould contain a column with all notes linked to the ‘konzept’ notes that have the tag ‘Quotations’ and have access to their metadata.

What i tried first was like this:

table file.inlinks
from [[]] AND #Konzept 

But because the Notes in the second depth aren’t part of my selected database (due from), i can’t acess the metadata of my ‘Quotations’ (only the links as part of the metadata of the ‘konzept’ notes).

@ush for your codeblock i asked myself whether i can implement to different where clauses for to different depth and how to do so.

Hey, i think i got it now with my code, but somehow. THere is an Error: “Unexpected end of input”. That is my code:

\\ The function determinates a new variable called authorship.
function authorship(page) {
	if(page.file.tags == "#Literatur/Zitat") {
		const authorship = page.Autorin;
		return authorship;
\\ If it is a quotation (Literatur/Zitat), then authorship =Autorin
	 } else {
		const backlinks =page.file.inlinks; 
		const backlinkedNotes = =>;
		return authorship.array();	
\\ If it is something else (like a konzept), authorship is an array of the authors of the notes linking to that konzept. 
\\ i List the authorship of the current page. 

Where is the error? Thank you so much for helping me

You’re missing a closing brace on the else block near the end for starters. There are possibly also other errors…

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