List of current tasks with reference to links

What I’m trying to do

I have a list of my current projects at the index page, like:
Customer:: [[001-HH-1]]

Is it possible to autofill Order and Status from the note [[001-HH-1]]?

Inside [[001-HH-1]] I have many fields including but not limited to:

What I want to achieve at the index page:

Customer:: [[001-HH-1]] (I add the linked note)
Order:: autofill from the linked note
Status:: autofill from the linked note
Comments:: I type it manually and then move it to the note or just delete

Things I have tried

I did try to make a list or table of all the notes in the folder Customers by Status -[/] but I can’t edit it at the index page (Comments)

Here is a simple variant using the Templater plugin, where it prompts for the customer, and then inserts the various fields only if that customer note exists:

const dv = app.plugins.plugins.dataview.api
let page
const customer = await tp.system.prompt("Enter customer")
if ( customer ) {
  page =
} else {
  tR = `==Please enter the name of a valid customer note==`

if (!page) {
  tR = `==Not a valid customer (${ customer })==`
} else {
  /* We now got a valid page (hopefully) to pull values from */
Customer:: [[<% customer %>]]
Order:: <% page.Order %>
Status:: <% page.Status %>
Comment:: <% tp.file.cursor() %>
<%* } /* End of if (!page) {} else statement */ _%>

Put the code above in a Templater template file, and either assign a hotkey to it, or insert using the Templater: Insert template modal command, or some other means if you feel more like that.

If needed, you could potentially also do a dataview query in front of (or instead of the prompt), and use tp.system.suggester() to choose from your existing customers.

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