List of Canvas QoL features

  • I can already select multiple arrows but I can’t edit all of their labels at once
    • It would be convenient if if you could group the arrows and put a single label on all of them, like at root rather than each individual arrow like the top feature
    • It would be nice if the label of arrows supported latex
  • It would be nice to be able to put just plain old text in the canva, with no note boxing it. I imagine this would be a pain to incorporate with the way arrows currently work, but meh, more free form arrows themselves would be nice.
  • Similarly, I want the ability to label the notes themselves on top or side or whatever. This can be supplanted by above, I suppose.
  • Centering text in notes.

These are by no means essential but would make the feeling of using canvas much smoother and better than any of its competitors imo.

Please search first, follow the Feature Request template, and post one feature request per topic. Thanks.

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