List of block level elements?

Is there a way to generate a list of block elements? Take this example:

Something like this:

TASKS FROM [[2021-10-29]]

But listing tasks with that link in the block element? The end result being that I could type this and get a list somewhere else of any task with a link like this in it:

- [ ] can I use this without tasks plugin? [[2021-10-29]]

Another example:
I’d like to write in notes and datestamp when I write them. EG:

- this is a great idea - I will ask the Obsidian forums if it is possible [[2021-10-29]]

And generating a list of links that go directly to block elements that have a link with the date in them. It would work the same for [[fish]] or any other link, and I’d have a list like

Files I worked on today
- [[note 1]]
- [[note 2]]
- etc

Does that make sense? Obviously Tasks plugin does something close but I would prefer to stick with links, and I find the emoji cumbersome. I’m also looking for something with a broader ability outside of tasks.

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