List of already assigned values from a property-keys

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How can I generate a list of all the already assigned property-values of one specific property-key?

For example, I have a property-key, called β€œcity”, and sometimes I have one city-value and sometimes more than one city-value assigned to that key, e.g.:

β€” note1β€”

city: Los Angelas

β€” note2β€”

city: Florida, Los Angelas

β€” note3β€”

city: Florida, Munich

=> Now, I want to produce a List of all citys, I already have assigned, like:

  • Florida
  • Los Angelas
  • Munich

… I found a helpful thread here:

, which produces the following output:

  • Los Angelas
  • Florida, Los Angelas
  • Florida, Munich

=> but I want to generate a list, where every city only occurs one time

Do you have an Idea, how to accomplish that with dataview, or is it necessary, to use dataviewjs for that job?

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If your city key is of type list…


  - Florida
  - Los Angelas

… this query :

WHERE city

Seems to return a list of unique city across the various notes containing a city key:

- Florida
- Los Angelas
- Munich

But I’m not enable to make it work for a text type city key :pensive:.

I hope someone more experienced with Dataview than I am (:sweat_smile:) will be able to give you an appropriate query :blush:.

Thank you very much, that was exactly the view, I was looking for! :slight_smile:

… Meanwhile, I discovered this extreeeemly interesting showcase:

which describes a solution for my actual usecase, … the actual reason, why I wanted to generate that List-view as a first step.

I hope strongly, that this kind of feature becomes a core feature of Obsidian!!! :slight_smile:

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