List number restarted after insert a graph

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Steps to reproduce

create a list by typing 1. enter 2. enter …, and paste a image between 4. and 5.

this seems normal, but when you switch to preview mode the number below the image restarted from 1. …

Expected result

do not restart the list when encountering a image

Actual result


  • Operating system: windows 10 x64
  • Obsidian version:0.11.9

Additional information

In other markdown flavors, numbered lists start with the number of the first item and increase by one from there on. So your example works in most other markdown flavors. Just my 2 cents :sweat_smile:

it just makes me uncomfortable that it could get it right in the edit mode but turned wrong in preview mode, so I wonder if they could correct it.

the same file has no problem in typora

That’s what I meant. Usually it would also work if you do it like this in editor mode:

First list:

  • First item starts with 1.
  • Subsequent items start with random number

Second list:

  • First item starts with 5.
  • Subsequent items start with random number

This should be rendered correctly in most markdown viewers (unlike obsidian).

this is true for obsidian as well. Have you tried?

Please resubmit this bug report with default theme (no css) and no third-party plugins enabled.

Works as it should here (both with breaking/not breaking the list). If the image should be shown under (4), it might need to be indented (I used 3 spaces). To forcibly break the tight list, I used a HTML comment <!-- --> after the image.

Linux Mint 20.1/Cinnamon, Obsidian/AppImage 0.11.9 (installer 0.10.11).

True, works as expected for me.