List links dont appear as internal links

I noticed that the links shown in the LIST block are not registered as internal links, and dont show as backlinks in the corresponding notes. I couldn’t find any bug reports in the GitHub repo, and im not sure if this is the expected behaviour.

this is my query, the list is built correctly and the links work as expected.

	LIST where category = "behaviour"


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Hi @agraoltomas, welcome to the community!

You’re correct. The results of Dataview queries aren’t permanent links and aren’t indexed by Obsidian. Creating a Dataview query is more like embedding a report into your page.

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As Criag said, welcome! That is the expected behavior. If you want those links in your graph, there are probably some community-plugins that can help. Try the search term “MOC” in the “browse” window for community plugins. (I am not going to try to explain what is a MOC because I don’t understand myself, but it has enough similarities in appearance to your list that I think plugins for it can help.) Other folks might have additional plugin suggestions!

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If you are using Obsidian search, you could try the Text expand plugin:

This plugin will search files using Obsidian search functionality and then paste the result. The output can be customized using template feature.

Good luck!

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