List indentation doesn't match specs

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Steps to reproduce

Create a list:

  1. line 1
    1. line 2 created with then inserting space before the number
    2. line 3 created the same way as line 2
  2. line 4

Expected result

  1. line 1
    1. line 2…
    2. line 3…
  2. line 4
  • See additional information below.

Actual result

  1. line 1
  2. line 2…
  3. line 3…
  4. line 4


  • Operating system: Mac OS 11.6.6
  • Debug info:
    Sorry… couldn’t find the debug info

Additional information

Following the specs referenced at commonmark.js demo %20%20-%20b 1.%20a%20%20 %20%202.%20b, I found that inserting a single space before the indented number caused the line to be indented…

I also checked the markdown implementation in Azure ADO and it implements the spec – i.e., properly indents lines that have the single space inserted.
Same for pandoc when converting md files to html

I can’t reproduce.

I am not sure I understand the problem. Can you attach a markdown file where it happens?

Sorry; got busy over the weekend… will work on better documentation soon…