List and rank pages by number of unlinked mentions (inbound and/or outbound)

Things I have tried

I’ve checked the help pages for outgoing links, backlinks, and search-syntax. I’ve investigated the Dataview plugin, but unfortunately counts of inbound/outbound unlinked mentions don’t seem to be persisted to a place that’s query-able.

What I’m trying to do

I have a couple-hundred markdown notes that were originally created as a portable format for podcast description blog posts. As such, they don’t contain wiki-style links. I have a simple naming convention (Episode XYZ) which shows up well as unlinked mentions. I’d like a way to pull out the notes with a descending count of inbound unlinked mentions so I can go in and create those links in a way with impact. They’re generally inside a URL link so I’ll have to go in and manually tag the note with the link (maybe in frontmatter, maybe on the line with the URL). But again, it would be helpful to get the notes listed with the most unlinked mentions so I’m creating the most links early, and thus building a useful graph as quickly as possible.

Or maybe someone’s done this before in a different way? Open to suggestions.

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+1 … I have a similar usecase and thought I might be able to do so with Dataview. Unfortunately the “unlinked mentions” do not seem to be annotated there

Definitely still an issue when importing notes from other sources. What are the notes with the most unlinked mentions? Those are the notes I’d prefer to go in and add wiki-style links to first, for maximum productivity.

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